Bartłomiej Senderowski




T: +48 22 480 81 00

Bartłomiej specializes in Value Added Tax, excise tax, customs duties, and in handling tax proceedings

He is a advocate and tax advisor. He supports with tax advisory clients from different sectors of the economy, in particular the financial, FMCG, media, pharmaceutical, catering, and brewing industries. He has participated in tax reviews, including reviews of VAT settlements of largest Polish companies. Bartłomiej’s knowledge and skills are broadened through the participation in training courses and conferences organized by professional self-governments, as well as in meetings of Entrepreneur Councils at the Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises. He gets involved in monitoring changes in Polish tax system and in drawing up opinions about Bills for organizations like Business Centre Club or Confederation    Lewiatan. Bartłomiej has authored numerous publications and scientific articles on tax law.


    Indirect taxes (VAT, excise and customs)

    Tax proceedings


    Law and Administration, Kozminski University

    Berlin School of Economics and Law


    Co-author of the only comprehensive publication on the market ”Tax Compliance” published by Wolters Kluwer (2021)

    Co-author of the publication “Karuzele i inne oszustwa podatkowe. Metody przeciwdziałania unikaniu opodatkowania” (Tax carousels and other tax frauds. Methods of counteracting tax avoidance) (2020)





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